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May 26, 2006


He hired a third clerk -- the male former Alito clerk who went to Becker.


The boys at ConfirmThem.com are convinced that either Stevens or Souter or both will retire at the end of this Term....and Bill Kristol in this week's Weekly Standard seems to buy into it.

Care to comment?


A3G didn't forget to mention Kavanaugh's membership in the elect! That "(AMK/OT 1993)" after his name means "Anthony McLeod Kennedy/October Term 1993." Perhaps A3G should have a glossary?

And the Kozinski-AMK stuff isn't very interesting unless you were looking for more proof of how insular and self-perpetuating the clerkship world is. If you can't tell, I think that's a bad thing. But I also think it's a bad thing to put on the bench a co-author of the Starr report who's way to close to the president and is only 37 years old, so whatever.

CAFC Groupie

A3G, you failed to mention that Judge Kavanaugh is a member of the Elect! He clerked for Justice Kennedy. Or, as Orin Kerr points out over at Volokh Conspiracy (http://volokh.com/posts/1148707349.shtml):

Kavanaugh clerked for Judge Kozinski, who was a former clerk for then-Judge Anthony Kennedy. After clerking for Judge Kozinski, Kavanaugh clerked for now-Justice Kennedy. So Kavanaugh clerked for Kozinksi, who clerked for Kennedy, who Kozinski's clerk Kavanaugh also clerked for. Of course, whether you find all of this Kool or Kooky is up to you.

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