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April 26, 2006


Samuel Alito

As one who had to sit through a couple of days of annoying comments from useless people myself, I have great empathy for your position. Fame and power are not always the joyride people imagine, and I support you entirely in the hard work you continue to do at BOTH sites. Were you to be forced to abandon this site, you would still deserve nothing but praise for the years of hard work you put into it.

Anon Mouse

A3G is back!! A3G is back!! Every gal needs a makeover and occassionally an indulgent trip to a spa. Thank goodness A3G "took a Napa" rather than "moved to napa."

Since you are doing this for free, ignore the petulant whines of the unwashed masses who lack the initiative to perform the vital public service that you provide.


Good luck with everything, A3G. Whiny emails from strangers should be completely ignored and promptly deleted! From my own self-interested perspective, I hope that blogging here will give you a lift and help with the depression, but you completely deserve whatever time you need to get back on your feet (ensconced in your favorite sling-back jimmy choos, of course).


Welcome back! I'm so glad the void in my regular reads has been patched.

Eh Nonymous

"We would like to apologize for the previous apology. The persons responsible for firing the persons responsible, have been fired. We now resume the movie, already in progress, with the following words from our sponsor..."

/close paraphrase
//can't be bothered to look up the actual quote
///MPython = joy (although not vice versa)

still a reader

Welcome back, A3G -- even divas are only human, and your absence is completely understandable. UTR is, happily, back in my favorites.


...deserves a good bitch slap!

Jade L.

We're glad to have you back. Anyone trying to boss A3G around deserves a good smack-down.

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