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February 23, 2006



I was in the same 1l section with Tenny. All of our professors loved him. Soper loved him. William Warner Van Alstyne particularly was infatuated with him. When one student revealed that he had not read the Lochner case, WWVA said, "Mr. Tenny, you've been helpful before, can you be helpful again?" To which Tenny replied, "I can try." I also saw Tenny and other other student have a secret meeting with WWVA in the courtyard of Hutchins Hall right before the conlaw final. In A.W. Brian Simpson's property class, Tenny raised his hand to define the term "pentimento" which came up in the reading and revealed that he had had to look the word up. Simpson asked the class who else looked it up, and upon seeing no hands raised, admonished us that we were not going to be good lawyers, save for Tenny. To rebut the accusation of anorexia, I have witnessed Tenny eating. He does dress pretty awkwardly though, often pairing very slim black jeans with a red and navy blue rugby.


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Here are some random fun facts on Tenny ---

(i) Executive Note Editor on MLR V. 104
(ii) Highest GPA in his class, class of 2005 -- he knew how to get those A+'s
(iii) Looks anorexic -- never saw the kid eat anything!
(iv) ACS liberal
(v) Nice guy, very public service minded. While, during his summer, he could have worked at any big, presitigious law firm of his choosing, he chose instead to leave the big bucks behind and work at the appellate division of EEOC ...
(vi) I doubt Daniel used or needed Ellen Katz, a lowly junior prof, for his Souter clerkship. All the profs loved him -- Dean included.


That is the common rumor heard about Tenny.

From my knowledge of him, he really was an outstanding & super nice guy. This past summer, *after* he graduated, he continued to volunteer his time to working as a researcher on a massive report cataloguing lawsuits brought under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act since 1982 (check out his name among the researchers here: http://sitemaker.umich.edu/votingrights/files/finalreport.pdf -- check page ii).

That extra work, of course, was also probably somewhat helpful in securing this clerkship -- the professor working w/ that project was Professor Ellen Katz, a former Souter clerk herself.

The Terminator -- didn't he have like the highest GPA in UMich history?


Daniel "the Terminator" Tenny is the 4th. Clerking for Tatel.

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