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February 10, 2006



Back to the subject of the post.

During my first year in the Navy, I probably made a comment similar to Stevens' "I can't put up with this shit anymore!" And I probably complained strongly about something or another each year that followed. Well, I ended up serving 25 years in the Navy. Point is people get frustrated and complain and often don't carry out plans declared while angry. Unless his health seriously deteriorates, he isn't retiring until a Dem is sitting in the White House.

Separately, Justice Stevens was in the Navy so I'm sure he knows some more colorful language than he used in that comment.


New profiles of the Breyer clerks available here.


I agree - these are the last days I'm visiting this site if it is going to continue to be Wonkette II.

Hear, Hear

Ditto to both of those comments! If I see the word "Wonkette" on this site one more time, I may never come back. Now, if only A3G would come back ...


Agreed. While I was glad to see UTR make a return, I am most disappointed as to what it's become. If it is to survive, the self-referential posts about David Lat and links to Wonkette should stop. If you don't keep your two personas (and their careers) separate, A3G, what's the point of this site?


i really enjoy UTR but i do hope that this will not just become a bunch of links to wonkette.

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