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February 23, 2006



Actually, Boris fills the "recent immigrant" diversity category, hailing from the Ukraine. This information is publicly available on the web, since he was a Soros Fellow in 2001.


He looks even better in real life! But of course he's married and recently became a dad.

Bryan Leach Groupie

Yeah, totally hot -- like Jason Biggs, but way cuter!


Not sarcastic. Ironic! Bryan has film star looks!


For the record, I think that the comment by "Goldie" is supposed to be sarcastic.


well, Bryan Leach doesn't have his looks in his favor: http://www.marshallscholarship.org/scholars/2000/leach_bryan_w.jpg

Mary K. Day-Petrano

Article III Groupie,

Those of us of a diversity minset would be in favor, if you would so kindly agree, of your posting whether or not any of these Elite Clerk hires are disabled, any reaonable accommodations they might have utilized to achieve their careers, and what types of disabilities they have overcome. It's kind of the in-thing among the diversity crowd these days. At least here in Florida, where The Florida Bar is undergoing a Kafkasque diversity metamorphoses.

Thanks much, from an avid fan Article III fan!

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