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January 02, 2006


Craig K

Hmmm-even watching the person cook it in front of you is no guarantee...you don't know what they were doing before you got there. Best not to do street food at all. I speak from bitter experience.

Saris-recommended-the Garden Sari sales in Bombay

Enjoy your trip.

Power and Politics

Welcome back, I created a graphic in celebration of your new job - A3G meets Wonkette!

Are you going to use a new icon for the new site?


A3G will be going sari-shopping? I didn't know Prada made saris...


Can't wait to see how it all pans out for you over at Wonkette. Should be interesting...


Re: the avoidance of GI distress in India, try going Brahmin/ Jain and being vegetarian while you're there. Also, don't eat street food unless you watch the guy cook it in front of you.
Re: sari-shopping, bring an Indian to do your negotiating. Even if you know how to bargain, there's always the tourist tax. (At many sites there is a literal tourist tax sanctioned by the government, which ensures that India gets some money out of foreigners while keeping the price of admission to temples, etc. accessible to natives.) I'm not a fan of saris because they're difficult to put on properly and the America's Next Top Model episode with their attempting "Bollywood" looks permanently turned my stomach on badly-worn saris.

tyrone ferrara

Here's one for ya as if you haven't already heard:

Spicy Blogger Leaves Attorney's Office
From Associated Press
January 01, 2006 8:11 AM EST

NEWARK, N.J. - A young federal prosecutor who was revealed as the author of a spicy blog about the judiciary is leaving the inner circle. ... A username and password are now required for access to the blog. On the Net: Underneath Their Robes: http://underneaththeirrobes.blogs.com/

Thanks for setting the bar high and hopefully you'll find time to continue pressing the bar.

Tyrone Ferrara


A3G - Welcome back! And thanks for not changing one bit!

It might interest your readers to know that, according to Westlaw, a former US Attorney by the name of David Lat had six reported opinions for cases before the very same Samuel Alito who will shortly be grilled by America's finest senators and senatrixes.


We look forward to seeing pictures of you in your new sari!


Glad to see you back, albeit only for a few days. Looking forward to your return from India and continued posts. Have fun!

Samuel Alito

I thank you for your support. Though I'm disappointed that you even read radical leftist broadsheets like the Times.

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