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January 01, 2006



Surely Scalia didn't really think he was a possibility for Chief Justice? Inasmuch as his ability to inspire laughter in an audience derives from his willingness to cut people down, he's about the worst possible candidate for CJ on the current Court. Deriding one's colleagues in one's opinions hardly indicates leadership potential, despite how entertaining and even deserved the insults were.


And while we're at it, at C-SPAN you can see Scalia at the Washington Correspondents' Dinner stealing material from Cedric the Entertainer.
Also, I don't think "laughter" is quite the word for the paroxisms of relief which occur when SBG arrives at the end of one of his interminable questions with its syntax intact.
Warren Burger used to complain that when the Chief Justice of England opened his mouth to speak, the room went silent, while he got no such respect. On the contrary, I have never heard a judge make a joke, no matter how badly told or how old or unfunny, without the assembled lawyers laughing like crazy. Only this could explain the laughs WHR received with comments like "Your time has expired even as we speak" or "You have 48 seconds remaining, but on the principle de minimis no curat lex, the case is submitted."


Welcome back!!
RBG can actually be heard laughing over at Oyez in (if I recall) Fitzgerald v. Racing Ass'n (if not, it's Price v. Vincent). It's typical lawyer -- Scalia notes that RBG probably never lost a case, and she laughs that yes she did, it was a tax case.


The jig's up. You're not a chick, after all. Which may be a rude awakening for Clarence Thomas, who was probably pleasuring himself under his own robes while reading this blog.

Good work. Stop on over at my site, Mr. Lat, if you have the time. I'm doing a retrospective of 2005.


Welcome back!


Congratulations for getting the website up and running again. Keep up the good work!


This post is like therapy. We missed you!

Samuel Alito

In twenty days or so, there's going to be a new funniest justice on the bench

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