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January 10, 2006



Yes, but Lat holding a day job doesn't stop A3G from continuing to blog if she so chooses.


It looks like UTR is now history. Today's NY Times states that David Lat will now be blogging at Wonkette.


Congrats on the favorable NY Times profile.


When are you going to start posting info about the OT '06 SCOTUS clerks?


And, hey, a New York Observer shout-out. Always good.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald

Ready for some indictments?

Craig C

A clip of the appearence also made it onto the Colbert Report this week... I think on Wednesday's show. Awesome!

Samuel Alito


If you need the lighter side of these hearings, I have snuck in my BlackBerry and am liveblogging the whole thing.

As for David's Federalis Society Card, I can vouch for it. After all, I issued it.

The Right Honorable Samuel A. Alito, Jr.
(the A stands for Awesome)


Well, damn. I missed it.

But HEY, where are you now??? These Alito hearings are KILLING ME. Can't we have a little fun around here with all this nonsense going on? Pleeeeease?


You couldn't have guessed that, John? Just read the archives.


On Charlie Rose, Mr. Lat revealed himself to be a "card carrying member" of the Federalist Society. Interesting . . . .

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