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January 30, 2006


Account Deleted

hey The things given are unanimous and needs to be
appreciated by everyone.

Parashu Nepal

Can I get Contact info for Justice Kennedy or his assistant? I am trying to schedule a visit to his office for 4-senior judges from Nepal. My tel: 202-368-6657


nice apartment....


David is now posting professionally at www.wonkette.com

upset reader


I used to love reading this blog. Then you disappeared, but when you reappeared, I was back. Now you're posting less frequently than when you were an incredibly busy biglaw associate! This is very frustrating for your devoted readers. Please, please, please try to post more frequently.

Upset Reader

P.S. I'm also tired of looking at Kennedy's mug everytime I check this site.


Any news on ALITO's Clerks?


Not every Kozinski clerk is necessarily a conservative tho...

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