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December 31, 2005



If someone is interested in the case it can be reviewed on the court electronic file system Homer Ira Lockhart v Southern Health Plan Inc. et al 4:04cv00006 in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied!!!!!!!!


Big Money, Insurance companies and insurance Lawyers and special interest controls our court and judicial system!!!
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act and Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act has been hijacked and turned on it head by Insurance Companies and Insurance Lawyers so says the Insurance Department at the Indiana University in a study completed by the University Insurance Department. I can prove this study to be correct by a case I have in Federal court since January 2004 where Southern Health Plan Inc. failed to provide information required by ERISA and HIPAA in the Plan Benefit Summary (SPD) and failed to provide the letter of creditable coverage which was required by statute to be provided automatically prior to the expiration of 63 days. Insurance Company sent the letter of creditable coverage 8 months after insurance Cobra policy ran out. Insurance companies are allowed by the court system to drag cases out for years.It is my opinion the court has been acting as the insurance company lawyer rather than seeing justice is done in the case I have pending. The lawyers failed to file an answer to my complaint and only filed a motion to dismiss. Upon me defending the motion to dismiss for almost a year then the lawyers for the insurance company requested that the court allow them to withdraw the motion to dismiss and file an answer to my complaint. I filed a motion for default judgment but as I have stated above the court acting as the insurance companys lawyer approved them filing an answer which is direct error so says the 11th Circuit Court of appeals in a number of precedent case that were shown in motions I filed in the court proceedings. It is ridiculous the way the due process and equal protection have been denied in this ERISA and HIPAA action. But there is nothing you can do when interlocatory orders are provided in your case before a federal judge. I tried from the beginning to secure an attorney to provide me legal assistance but it appeared that special interest was more important than me receiving justice. Any attorney our there want to see justice is done that is not afraid of a federal judge..Please contact me. [email protected]

Account Deleted

Hi, I hope everything's fine coz it's back. Bankruptcy Lawyer Phoenix

Sean Chang

So glad you're back, was worried that you were on the "D-L"... Will miss you next few weeks!

Tom Mayo

Welcome back, A3G. The blogosphere wasn't the same without you!




THANK YOU for coming back, A3G!


Welcome back!


You don't know what you have until its gone ...
Great blog and thanks for coming back!

Loyal Cinci Correspondent

THANK GOD. Now I have an excuse to go through Jeff Sutton's trash.


Yeah! I kept coming back, just in case it would be here... glad to see the A3G back in form.


Great to hear you are blogging again. You give an interesting insight to the legal world.

Ed Brayton

Let me add my voice to the chorus. Welcome back, A3G!

Ed Brayton

Let me add my voice to the chorus welcoming you back.

Chris Geidner

A great start to the New Year.


Great to have you back! What took you so long?


What a great present for the New Year! Welcome back A3G - your loyal fans missed you!

Samuel Alito

I am of course very glad that you escaped from that Romanian Prison A3G. And I'm dreadfully sorry for any confusion caused regarding it.

It does appear, however, that you have a lot of fans who spend New Years Eve reading blogs, which I find quite sad.


Oy - such a relief! Welcome back.


Our long national nightmare has ended. Happy days are here again!

That lawyer dude

Welcome back AG3!! This dude for one has missed you.

That lawyer dude

Welcome back AG3!! This dude for one has missed you.

La Dulcinea

Welcome back, A3G! We've missed you!!


Welcome back for New Year commentary!


OH YEAH! You GO, girl!!!

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