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November 14, 2005



I was happier being oblivious. Its akin to finding out the truth about Santa Claus. You can still pretend, but it will never have the same magical quality.


Lat has written a number of gay-related articles in the Crimson. Search the archives. In one short letter to the editor, he noted "Current military policy towards homosexuals cannot be compared to earlier racial discrimination in the military because the question now is one of action and behavior as opposed to identity." In another entitled "Stay in that Closet," he wrote "Many people who are themselves as gay or lesbian later realize that they were mistaken in their self-labelling. It is far better for a gay professional to remain closeted, leaving himself open to the possibility of later fitting in and leading the life of a straight person, than to publicly and vocally commit himself to being a member of a group that by its own account faces discrimination at every turn." I hope that his views have softened over the years. Forget professional accomplishment; how about little things like self-esteem, honesty, and not being depressed?

Half Sigma

This once again shows how easy it is to become a successful blogger if one pretends to be a woman. Or maybe if one actually WAS a woman. I don't know. How many other "female" bloggers are actually men pretending to be women?

This was a great blog. The post about Judge Scalito eating a slice of pizza, that was the best blog post I've read this month. But would it have been popular if a guy's blog? Probably not.


I'll second Eh Nonymous' comment. A3G, you are brilliant!


I'll give you this, Dave: you certainly know "what men want".

NOW GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT A3G BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is it just me or does A3G's new pal bear a resemblance to the "kid from tegucigalpa" Miguel Estrada?


Ah, yet another layer peels away from the riddle wrapped in a mystery that is DBL. Though I am a bit surprised this layer was by La Perla.

For those seeking a bit more insight into the earlier layers of A3G's alter ego (who's to say A3G is David's creation and not the other way around): http://www.thecrimson.com/writer.aspx?ID=1947 ("Opinion" link at top)

Samuel Alito


I am still your biggest fan. I find it very very strange that people read your blog and thought you were something other than a fictional creation.

It's not like you were using a real person's name.

I'm very grateful to the attention you have shown me and you are STILL my first choice for clerk.

Samuel A. Alito
"The A Stands for Awesome"


Lat's profile on Friendster indicates that he's single:



People, people, people:

The relationship between A3G and David Lat is similar to the relationship between General J.C. Christian and his "inner Frenchman" Patriotboy. It is not a Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain or Atrios/Duncan Black relationship.

And yes, A3G can be her own woman even if she's "fictional". Sometimes characters go off and do their own thing, and the writer is going along for the ride.

But I'm still curious about whether A3G was behind Harriet Miers's blog.

Loyal Cinci Correspondent


What can I say? It was Camelot.

Loyal Cinci Correspondent


I think a lot of people out there need to get over their gender issues.


Plus, it would've been way cooler had someone found you out (versus your coming out of the closet so you can get recognition). Insecurity and need for credit were cute in A3G, but lame in some Harvard/Yale dude.


This makes me sad. I understand your need for recognition, David, but this isn't the same as Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. First, Rowling herself never pretended to be Harry Potter. No adult (should have) believed Harry Potter was a real person, yet many of us believed there really was an A3G. It makes a substantial difference now reading the blog knowing it's not real. Second, even those who didn't believe A3G was real, knowing that her character is authored by a man will make some of us uncomfortable, and at least make many of the jokes less funny.

Eh Nonymous

I am amazed... simply amazed... at the amusing, ill-thought-out, boorish, foolish, crass, and unclassy commentary represented by some of the previous comments here and at the Volokh.com post on this sensitive subject.

To the folks who feel dirty: you only feel okay reading a pink blawg by a self-described "judicial starf***er" because she was a Girl? You feel gross? You were perhaps lusting after A3G, who nobody ever actually identified as, you know, real?

You folks are bizarre. Twisted, and bizarre.

As an anonymous blawger, I have a few comments of my own.

Congratulations, A3G, on an excellent prank. David Lat, who is likely a law school colleague of yours, is surely going to do well by this little publicity stunt. Meanwhile, we look forward to the continuing adventures of A3G - when she's not working on a big document review or worrying about partnership at her anonymous BigLaw firm.

I mean, really. There's nothing wrong with us readers wanting to know who's behind the robe, but what's the reality got to do with the fantasy? This is fiction, people, crossed with gossip.

We look forward to a resumption of regular posting on topics of interest to all article III groupies, real and imagined. :)

This does make me wonder about the news item from the Newark correspondent who saw the nominee heading for pizza, though.

Keep up the good work.

Eh N.

No more spanky

Masturbating to A3G to cease immediately. Crying Game-esque vomiting to begin... now. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.


I am so sad you're not a girl.

I enjoyed your snarkiness, your prose--so fine!--and your girl eruditeness. You were a heroine/role model.

Sign me, oneheavy-hearted non-lawyer,

P.S. Are you behind H. Miers' blog, too?

So What?

I for one don't care who David Lat is. A3G is still a fine judicial-stalking diva and I'll keep reading her. Those who look behind the curtain do so at their own peril. Oz is truly a beautiful place...


I feel as though I need to take a shower.


Well, this certainly makes this blog lose most of its appeal.

Your artful attempt at personality-splitting is really quite feeble, and it does nothing to remedy the dramatic loss associated with "A3G" no longer being mysterious and anonymous. Plus, now that there's a face behind this whole charade, the formerly interesting character has vanished; instead, the author is now revealed to be a snarky, elitist, prestige-hoarding *dude*, none of which is endearing.

What a letdown, and what a massive miscalculation on your part. This blog has clearly jumped the shark.

Drew McLelland

Very disappointing...

Sasha Volokh

That's "babes ipsis loquuntur."


I'm very confused. So, is the author of this blog Dave Lat or not? Are there others? In un-A3G style, this was a very, very cryptic post.

Article 3 Groupie Groupie

Is Mr. Lat single?


1. I hope this wasn't forced and it was your decision

2. Why go public now?

3. Hopefully, DOJ rules don't prohibit stuff like this and the blog can continue. If not, perhaps the case of A3G v Gonzales could be on the docket for OT 2006.

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