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November 09, 2005



NYU has pretty much skyrocketed in the last 30 and in particular the last 15 years. Our LSAT and GPA numbers are higher than all but Harvard/Yale/Stanford - except I think the LSAT numbers are higher than Stanford. Unlike a decade ago - when I was applying the school is also no longer picking simply to inflate its numbers but is fishing for the very best candidates. Significantly, over the last 5 years we have gotten many more grads into "the elect" and area in which we had conscpicuoulsy lacked heretofore.

Also, there are exactly how many Chicago or Michigan grads currently on the Court? How many have they had histrically.
(It's true we almos got a UVA grad on - but apparantly W heard A3G's plea and chose Alito over Luttig. A win for Yale but a loss for "the elect").

Michigan Law

OK. I'll take the bait. I actually landed an A- in the class. Grades are supposed to be anonymous and teachers should respect the privacy of their students.

I just thought to share an interesting bit of info about one of the little supremes.


whaaa. my classmates saw my grade. what a scandal. you pampered little whiner. the only people who care if others see their grades are those whose grades should be higher.


isn't it a little presumptuous to list NYU along with Harvard and Yale rather than Columbia, Stanford, Chicago, or Michigan? when was the last time, if ever, that an NYU grad was on the court? and how common is it for an NYU grad to get a SCOTUS clerkship, not just compared to Harvard and Yale but to Columbia, Chicago, Stanford, Michigan, or UVA? And listing NYU wasn't just the New York bias displayed in the rest of the article, since then Columbia should've been mentioned. The author probably has a friend or relative at NYU.


That article was pretty silly. Most of the people mentioned have absolutely zero chance of being named to the Supreme Court someday. They just happened to be Supreme Court clerks that live in New York.

Michigan Law

One of the so called Little Supremes mentioned in the article includes an old prof of mine at Michigan. For the record, I find the idea of Richard Primus elevated to the Supreme Court horrifying. While a student of his employment discrimination class, Primus had the audacity to send out an email to all of his 100 students. In the email was an excel listing of each student's name with his or hers corresponding grade next to it. It sparked a mini riot amongst students. Talk about the ultimate law school nightmare! Hopefully, that might come up during his confirmation hearing!

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