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November 03, 2005



In reference to the "Hallways of Justice" post quoted above: "Article III Groupie" should get her facts straight. She disrespectfully refers to a federal judge -- whom she obviously does not know personally --as a "district court diva" with "delusions of grandeur." Having clerked for that judge, I find your statements as personally offensive as they are inaccurate. The Judge to whom you refer has impeccable taste, and jocular humor among colleagues should be a credit to them both, not twisted by the likes of an anonymous purveyor of gossip. Groupie, you have too much free time on your hands. I also hope your "ivy league" education and "appeals court" clerkship taught you how to cite cases more accurately than you cite sources.

Bruce Moldovan

I really don't find it funny that criminal defendants' appeals of their convictions are routinely "affirmed" (9 times out of ten as "harmless error"). It's sad and pathetic--an affront to our Constitution and a disgrace to the Framers. Judges who feel that it's their duty to keep people in prison at all costs don't belong on the bench. Should I expect Alito to be any more respectful of the rights of criminal defendants? Or should we just go ahead and buy him a new inkpad? Maybe Alito will follow Scalia every now and then (i.e. Booker, Blakely) and toss a criminal defendant a bone. I can only hope.

Ok, so Dana Milbank underestimated his sense of humor, but what do you make of the rest of the piece? Forgetting to unbutton his jacket when sitting down? Please send him a lifeline!

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