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October 30, 2005


Sam Hooft

Not *all* would be good picks and can fairly be described as 'brilliant' conservatives.

In particular not Karen Williams and Priscilla Owen.

Anyway, the decision has been made, the President has returned from Camp David, and we should all know soon enough.

Let the Fun begin!


While it seems fairly clear that Brown would produce the "right" results for the conservative crowd, can we please stop there and venture clear of such terms as "brilliant" and "splendidly credentialed"?

True, Brown has served as an appellate judge for many years, including on the California Supreme Court and the DC Circuit. But to cite that as sufficient professional qualification for SCOTUS membership ignores the fact that, in all other relevant areas, she cannot measure up to her fellow candidates, particularly with respect to her (1) mediocre educational/scholarly background, (2) political promotions based on connections rather than merit, and (3) having been rated as NOT QUALIFIED by the Cal Bar.

Unless one's only criterion is reaching ideologically correct results, Brown is anything but qualified for the high court. If she is nominated, that is most certainly not a "win" for our country.

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