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October 03, 2005




Depends on the case. I'm guessing that for a case like yesterday's relatively dry double-header, if it hadn't been opening day, you could normally have gotten there about an hour or so in advance and have gotten in. For meatier issues, you'll want to show up a couple of hours in advance. Normally, a line will form out in front of the court, and security personnel will hand out numbers to everyone in the order that they're in line. The few times that I've been, only about the first 75 or so people in line got in. Good luck!


A3G --

Since you are the top SC watcher, we need your supreme guidance.

How does one get to attend a SC hearing? Can one sit and listen to an argument? What is the process? Is there a wait list? Do we go 5am in the morning and wait, wait, and wait (as they did in Casablanca)?


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