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October 04, 2005


But the hair??? And what's going on with that damn eyeliner?

A3G, I'm a big lib who hates Bush and anyone he'd appoint, especially an incompetent crony like Miers, but I beg you to please pull every chit you have with your conservative Republican friends to stage a fashion intervention for Ms. Miers. If that woman is going to have to be on the bench, I want her to at least attempt to measure up to Sandra Day O'Connor's standards of classiness. For example, will Miers take over the daily aerobics class?

Make sure to vote for Ms. Miers' doppleganger on Wonkette:



I don't know which path Judge Owen took, but there are two possibilities:

Baylor used to have a 3-3 program in which you would attend undergraduate classes for three years and then enter law school. The first year of law school also constituted your fourth year of undergrad. At the end of the fourth year you would receive your bachelor's degree, and then get your J.D. when you finished law school two years later. In that case it would appear (based on a stat like "B.A. '75, J.D. '77") that you had earned a law degree in just two years, when in fact you earned both a bachelor's and a law degree in a total of six years.

It's also possible to complete law school in just over two years at Baylor by going "straight through." The law school is on the quarter system, and takes three incoming classes each year (spring, summer, and fall). So, if you are so inclined, you can take a full load of classes for nine quarters straight (no summers off) and earn your law degree in just 27 months.

Fascinating, huh?

How did Owen graduate law school in two years?

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