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October 28, 2005



No. No. No. A3G. How many times do I have to say it?

Pryor! Pryor! Pryor! Pryor!

Feddie needs to become one of the elect. :)

The Unknown Professor

Many of you might not be aware of the tradesports.org site. It's a "prediction market" where people trade contracts based on various events occurring. The have a market currently going on who will be the next nominee. At present, the market has Alito in the lead, with a roughly 30% chance of being the niminee, with Luttig and Williams in 2nd and third with (respectively) 20% and 11% (as of 7:43 p.m. friday.

I've put a post up at my blog on prediction markets for those who are unfamiliar. They're pretty interesting mechanisms for agregating dispersed information - not perfect, but better than a lot of the alternatives.

The prediction markets post is at financialrounds.blogspot.com in case you're interested.

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