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October 08, 2005


Article III Groupie

I greatly enjoy the work of Saul Bellow (who sadly passed away not too long ago); "Herzog" is a particular favorite. I probably like "The Crying of Lot 49" less than most people. I wouldn't put Derrida in the group of writers you listed; he is a theorist, not a fiction writer. In a former life, I read more Derrida than I would have liked (as well as similarly incomprehensible literary critics and theorists, e.g., Homi "Don't Play That" Bhabha).

uh, no, you're not a literary snob. all the fiction books you mentioned are often found in the "recommended paperbacks" section that is the first thing you see when you enter a border's or barnes & noble. if you were a literary snob, you would've mentioned joyce carol oates, pynchon, bellow, derrida, or something of that ilk.


"Turning an unprepossessing Texas gal into an elegant and erudite Washington lady, all ready for the Georgetown cocktail party circuit, may be one challenge that even Judges Posner and Kozinski can't pull off..."

A3G: As much as I sympathize with the instinct to cringe, your standards for social acceptability are far higher than the Court's. Exhibit A: RBG.


The Dylan, he apparently envies the Manolo when talking about the legal fiction.


At his best, Grisham is the "Fun with Dick and Jane" of the legal fiction. See Spot get indicted! At his worst, the prose is considerably more pedestrian.

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