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October 31, 2005



Ugh. Citing Hugh Hewitt? The guy has to be the most idiotic partisan commentator out there.

He gave Miers a B+. He said she could be supported since her defeat would spell the end of the war on terror. Just last week he was claiming that no republican had ever exaggerated. EVER.

Please don't cite to that idiot again.


The liberals like Schumer and Reid are fuming at the mouth, because they know this guy is going to get confirmed, bar some Republicans jumping off the band wagon. And, I don't think that will happen with this candidate. I think President Bush did a great job in picking Alito. A cousin wrote me this morning and said, 'The fact that Chuck Schumer, the great unifier, would think he would be divisive makes Alito my guy.' I tend to agree!


Scrappleface had its own parody of CS:

(2005-10-31) — Federal Appeals Court Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., President George Bush's most recent Supreme Court nominee, is "hopelessly overqualified" for the nation's highest court, according to Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY.

"While average Americans had urged the president to appoint someone in the Harriet Miers tradition," said Sen. Schumer, "Bush disappoints them by picking a Princeton and Yale graduate who's a veteran jurist with a sharp intellect and rich legal experience. All of that ability and wisdom will be wasted at the Supreme Court, where his main job is simply to update the Constitution."


Does that mean Nino is holding on to the deadman switch shouting, "Anthony, Sandra! Nothing tricky now. You know I'm on top of you! DO NOT attempt to grow a brain!"

Andrew Case

Schumer's comment is silly, but polital-communication types would defend it from being unfounded.

By using mealy language like "reverse much of" what Parks and "so many others" fought for, he can claim that what he's really talking about is affirmative action, while firing up his base.

It's unfortunately all too common for politicians and spokespeople to tread this kind of line, but Schumer shouldn't be called out on the merits.

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