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October 21, 2005




Grammarian is right; it should be "I," for the reason stated. But "me" is used often in speech and literature, according to this link.

Can someone please whip Grammarian with a wet noodle? I'm with Eh Nonymous on this one.

One thing we can all agree about, though: Harriet Miers is a pretty poor writer. (Or should that be "One thing about which we can all agree"?)


It should be: "You are not younger than I." There is an understood "am" at the end of that: "You are not younger than I [am]."

Similarly, if someone asks, "Who's there?", you should answer, "It is I," not "It is me."

Eh Nonymous

Just to heap scorn on this whole line of impeachment inquiry, what the heck is supposed to be wrong with "you are not younger than me"? Am I younger than you? Are you younger than me? No, you are not younger than me.

ME. Not I, me. Than me. Me is the object. You is the subject. I am young. Nobody is younger than me. Nobody is younger than I am. Every sentence above is grammatically correct, no matter whether formal or semiformal.

And anybody who says different should be given fifty strokes with a wet noodle. Y'all make me sic. [sic]


If it is true that Miers once described W as the "most brilliant man she ever met," that alone should disqualify her from serving on the on the Court. That says volumes about her supposed intellectual abilities. Or it suggests she doesn't get out much!

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