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October 26, 2005



Blogress??? Is that like "giantess"? Surely you are a blogatrix!!!


As someone who's occasionally aggravated by what seems like constant shilling for those "conservatives of mono-monikered fame" (well-said, by the way!), I also see (and end up agreeing with) the other (your) side.

I would totally understand if you reverted back to your old ways and not blame you in the least if for no other reason than because you're to a large extent dependent on the mercies of the mainstream media and your sources at lectures and other events. Who gets invited to events, and who gets written up in the newspapers and magazines? Posner, Scalia, et al.

As you said (or at least alluded to) in another recent post, if you were holding yourself out as a source of all news and information about Federal judges, this would be a huge gap in your "reporting." But you make no claim to that title, so there's no gap.

Basically, just rock on with your bad self in whatever way you see fit. You know we'll keep reading anyway!


Who cares about these people? Listen, when your blog is worth more than $150 large (see http://www.volokh.com/posts/1130265753.shtml (Volokh link), http://www.business-opportunities.biz/projects/how-much-is-your-blog-worth/ (do-it-yourself blog valuation algorithm)), keep going with what got ya there.

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