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October 11, 2005


I hate the fake surreal/onion news this blog has begun pawning off instead of meaningful blogs. This isn't even funny. It's not even clever.


I, for one, have greatly enjoyed your coverage of Harriet Miers. What could more important than a new Supreme Court nominee who has never been a judge before and about whom most of your readers know very little?

As for the role religion does or does not play in this case, religious topics have been infrequently mentioned on this site, as far as I can recall (please correct me if appropriate). The Miers nomination is a great opportunity to expand the range and depth of your discussions.

Keep up the great work. If I ever become a Federal Judge (highly unlikely, sad to say), I'll always reply to your emails (and on the record too).

Thanks goodness for a post about something other than Harriet Miers. This once-great blog is becoming predictable, preachy, and boring.

Ted Frank

Not just two judges. There's a third prominent judge who plays video games, one Frank Easterbrook:

I therefore attempted to incite my colleagues to carry Professor Currie's preliminary study to fruition. Alas, few of them wanted to learn the complete truth about Gabriel Duval[l] and his rivals. My curiosity could not be slaked without learning more, however, and if no one else would do the work, I would have to do it. Besides, I comforted myself, this would be at least as enlightening as spending an equal amount of time playing video games.[FN7] So I set off to find more evidence.
Note 7: Compare R. DUBREN, THE VIDEO MASTER'S GUIDE TO CENTIPEDE (1982) (video games) and E. ZAVISCA & G. BELTOWSKI, BE A HOME VIDEO GAME SUPERSTAR: SECRETS TO THE BEST GAMES FOR YOUR ATARI VCS (1983) (same) with J. GOEBEL, 1 HISTORY OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (1971) (early Supreme Court) and G. HASKINS & H. JOHNSON, 2 HISTORY OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (1981) (same). Cf. Atari, Inc., MISSILE COMMAND (1980) (not available on LEXIS); Herzel & Schmidt, SEC Is Probing "Double Pac-man" Takeover Defense, Legal Times, Apr. 18, 1983, at 25, col. 1 (double PAC-MAN defense to tender offers).
See Frank Easterbrook, The Most Insignificant Justice, 50 U. Chi. L. Rev. 461.


Can there be any doubt that Posner and Kozinski are the two coolest Article III Judges of all-time? The Miers nomination really makes one wistful for the alternatives.


RAP's comment # 1 displays why many neocons and libertarians, who are largely secular, willingly ally themselves politically with the religious right. They do not realize that a powerful segment of the population will impose religion on society if it gets a chance.

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