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October 27, 2005



I just got back from the GW Law Review Symposium on the Legacy of the Rehnquist Court. One panel featured former Solicitors General (and one notable former Deputy Solicitor General) that included Ted Olson and Maureen Mahoney. During the question and answer period, each was asked their views on the current judicial confirmation process and about their most significant case (either before, during, or after their service in the office). Maureen Mahoney to the first question said, very sarcastically, "Sounds like a lot of fun," and her answer to the second question was 'Grutter' (in part, she joked: "Because I got to beat Ted." And Ted Olsen went on a tirade about how terrible the confirmation process is today. Seems to me that neither would be too eager to accept a Supreme Court nomination at this time...


McBride's Media Matters blog has a reasonable theory supporting Sykes. Possible insider information, too.

Are you saying "muchas gracias" and La Casa Blanca to flaunt your own hispanic heritage? Have you been sworn to secrecy about the next nomination because you're being considered?!


1--Hilarious, 2--Mahoney only argued the law school case (Grutter), not the undergrad case (Gratz).


Hilarious!!! You are too funny!!!

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