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October 19, 2005



Most of what I've read about Sykes today has been glowingly positive. She would not be my first choice, but she would certainly be a good choice, young for it (she would, by more than just default, become the most attractive Justice in our nation's history) or not.

I think he was saying that Judge Easterbrook is (1) "tough on crime" and (2) "Chicago School on economics." The word "tough" only modifies "crime," and the term "Chicago School" only modifies "economics."

Tom Scharbach

Frank would be an excellent justice.

Adding to his brother's top ten:

11. Frank has deep expertise in economics and the law, which makes him uniquely qualified to decide the majority of SCOTUS cases, which involve economic and property rights rather than constitutional issues.

12. Frank is a classmate of Doug Ginsburg but I don't remember him smoking anything that smelled odd at law school parties.

13. Frank's law school nickname was "the Easterbunny".

Attila (Pillage Idiot)

He's tough on crime and Chicago School on economics

Yeah, we need someone who's tough on the Chicago School of economics. (That second "on" is a typo, right?)


How about GREGG Easterbrook for SCOTUS? He seems like a charming, smart guy, and can't be worse than Harriet "Forgot to Pay those Pesky DC Bar Dues" Miers.....

BTW, A3G, I'm expecting a post from you on how Miers not only spaced on the holding of Meyer v. Nebraska when meeting with Chuck Schumer (hello, Con Law 101???), but how she managed to space on paying her DC bar dues.

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