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October 30, 2005



“The President could describe Brown as the judicial equivalent of Rosa Parks, and framing the nomination in such terms would, I think, greatly impact the political dynamics and debate surrounding this nomination.”

Apparently Prof. Berman expects that if Brown is nominated, she’ll be inviting arrest and imprisonment. How else to explain his prediction that that would greatly impact the political dynamics and debate surrounding this nomination. Unless, of course, he meant that it would greatly impact the dynamics and debate in the same way that, say, the release of Harriet Miers’ writings from the 1990s impacted the dynamics and debate surrounding that nomination.

Article III Groupie

Larry David, you have quasi-preempted a post that I've been working on drawing the Wanda Sykes-Janice Rogers Brown comparison! Well, I'll probably still publish it anyway -- I just wanted to get this on the record, so when I do publish it, you'll know that "great minds think alike," and won't accuse me of stealing your idea.

larry david

I haven't had the pleasure of hearing JRB speak. But when I read the descriptions of her and see her pictures, I can't help but hope that she speaks a bit like Wanda Sykes. Indignant, fiesty, fiery, etc.

Oh, the world would ring with job if she did. At her hearing, Sens. Schumer or Reid would stammer and stumble into some dumb challenge about Lochner. She would smite them, and shut them up, in a withering, weary, and somewhat hip tone.

I will be smiling the rest of the evening, full of hope...

Of course, if we could swap Luttig's dry drawl for Wanda Sykes' sass, I suppose that would work too. Basically every Supreme Court nominee would be improved this way.

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