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October 03, 2005


Jeff Durbin

M-I-E-R-S is patronage for Souter! What a horrible disappointment!


Apparently Ms. Miers is single. Could there be a Suitor for her at One First Street...?

R. Kevin Hill

The only thing I've been able to discover about her is from Michael Isikoff's July 17, 2000 article for _Newsweek_, which says that "questions about Bush's military service haven't entirely disappeared. The Bushies' concern began while he was running for a second term as governor. A hard-nosed Dallas lawyer named Harriet Miers was retained to investigate the issue; state records show Miers was paid $19,000 by the Bush gubernatorial campaign. She and other aides quickly identified a problem--rumors that Bush had help from his father in getting into the National Guard back in 1968." Sort of a Kathy Bates in _Primary Colors_ character from the looks of it.


I feel like the time I was asked to order lunch for the office, but it was a set up and they killed at ate me instead.

Marsha Peterson

The SMU website states that Miers clerked for U.S. District Judge Joe E. Estes. Miers went to law school at SMU.

robin shapiro

press reports state that in the 70s, she clerked for a federal judge in Dallas, TX -- after graduating from SMU. Anyone know WHO she clerked for?

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