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October 28, 2005



hey i have heard scalia was italian-american although the name antonin doesn't really sound it when really his parents could have just used anthony or antonio. new jersey to me i'd figure is a more democratic state since it ussually it leans that way. as far as ''italian-americans'' on the judges in new jersey, i haven't heard much of that. with all due respect i don't think i've ever heard of an italian named samuel lol but if he is that's cool. its just hard for me to picture them as republicans from the north-east. if he is, his mother probably wasn't because i wouldnt give my kid the name samuel no matter what background i came from. i got a feeling a lot of you guys assume things.


I've heard the story about Scalia and Thomas not being close, and that Scalia has told people he'd like to be closer to Thomas personally, but is this information sourced from any particular publication? I've only heard it repeated as scuttlebutt (which isn't to say it's wrong), rather than read it in solid sources.


Wow, my point was even stronger than I had previously thought.

Not only are they both from NJ, but they were both born in Trenton. I gotta say, it now has TWO redeeming features.

"Mr. President, bring up this judge!"



I just laughed so hard at the Alito and Luttig blogs that I almost made myself ill. Who did those? Did you do them?


A3G, you forgot the most important reason!

Bush promised to nominate Justices like Scalia and Thomas. Alito, as an Italian-American from New Jersey, is like Scalia. Italian-Americans from NJ have a very good track record on the court.

Justice Regina George

On Wednesdays we wear black!

Samuel Alito

Thanks for your support. I hope when I take my seat it will be a boost to all members of the Great Unwashed.

Luttig is already celebrating at the lair, but I will have the last word.


Samuel Alito

Thanks for the boost. Luttig's already gloating over at the lair, but the candidate of the great unwashed will win out in the end.


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