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October 27, 2005


Lowell Brown

Ronin: "scrupulous, principled, and fully warranted?" What color is the sky on your planet? Here on earth it is considered indecent to compare a presidential nominee to Caligula's horse or Barney the dog (both from NRO's Corner), or to refer to her BUsh's "office wife" (as Peggy Noonan did). I seem to recall this very blogger calling Miers the "Bitch Goddess of La Casa Blanca." Blogging's wonderful, but without caution it can become an echo chamber. This thread sure looks like one.


I have to admit that my sympathy for Miers is considerably diminshed by the facts that she said yes in the first place, and then refused to withdraw for nearly three weeks, during which the GOP was internally haemorrhaging in full public view. I agree with NRO that we should not be gloating, and even more so that we need to forgive and forget what we doubtless still regard as our colleague's poor judgement in this affair, in the name of the common good, but I for one will not be participating in the platitudinous aftermath where Miers herself is concerned.


It's simply not true to say that those with the intellectual firepower of Roberts are all men. What about Maureen Mahoney, to name just one example? What about Judges Batchelder and Tacha?


"Miered" should not mean being unscrupulously attacked by supporters - she was attacked in a scrupulous, principled, and fully warranted way. No way to say Miers' situation is the obverse of Bork's.


Time for Bush and the Republican to take a real stand on one of the most important issue on their platform - affirmative action.It has become pretty clear that the only candidates with the intellectual firepower of John Roberts are males (Alito, Luttig, McConnell). This is the perfect time for the President to say that he is going to choose the most qualified candidate regardless of race or color, and will not be forced into picking a woman (even if his wife seems to think that a nominee's gender is somehow relevant to the debate over who to nominate).

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