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October 24, 2005



As a conservative I can say that I would be a fan of so informative and entertaining a blog with a liberal slant. As it is, its great to have A3G on our side.


In further defense of this blog's hostess, I will point out that not long ago A3G issued multiple appeals for information regarding the 2005 ACS convention, clearly wishing to highlight many of the leading legal lights of the left. Alas, her respondents were too few, or else unable to provide much in the way of interesting commentary, hence the slimmer coverage than -- for example -- the 2005 Federalist Society convention.


But she does seem to focus on a few conservatives: Easterbrook, Posner, Kozinski, Luttig, etc...

At least for some, she gets direct correspondance with those judges (Posner, Kozinski), although there is something of a chicken/egg problem here (by now it is sufficiently self-perpetuating).

I too am a liberal, but I enjoy the site and do not care about any slant. I'd like to hear more about 'other' judges be they liberal or conservative, just for the sake of diversity (that is, the more judges the better). But that, of course, is determined by whether those other judges are in the news, whether A3G's sources can dig up dirt, and whatnot.


Another reason A3G might seem so skewed towards Republican judges is that UTR has only existed during the Bush administration. If a Democrat wins in 2009, the focus of the confirmation battles and legal debate will change, and A3G will probably have to spend more time talking about Democratic appointees (and nominees).


I for one am a liberal reader of UTR (in both senses) and am not offended by A3G's conservative slant. It's all in good fun, after all, and at least, like the Chief Justice, A3G does not appear to be an idealogue.

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