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September 21, 2005


Same Former SCOTUS Clerk

It's not like Justice Souter spends his summers relaxing in Aruba or riding around in an RV. By all reports, he reads a lot, thinks a lot, reflects a bit--basically does all the background work necessary to remain sharp and well-informed that he doesn't have time to perform while dealing with specific cases during the term. I think it is wonderful that we have a Justice (actually, we have a few but that is beside the point) who use their summers as they were intended. If, in order to do that, he develops a routine that makes him not want to fly back to DC for a memorial/ photo op, then, as long as he expresses appropriate sympathies to the family in private, who cares?

(FWIW, I didn't clerk for Souter and wouldn't count him among my favorite Justices.)


Re: Former SCOTUS Clerk's comment. If Souter wants his summers off, he should teach high school. Souter is a big boy with an adult job that requires him, when the freaking Chief Justice of the United States dies, to send a public note in his official capacity.

Matt Barr

Maybe the Chief made Mr. Justice Souter sit through Old School.

Former SCOTUS Clerk

Or maybe Justice Souter is a private person who thrives on routine and jealously guards his summer months. He wasn't going to be dragged back to Washington ahead of schedule for an event that was slightly garish and full of pomp. And he wasn't going to disrupt his life and schedule just to draft another press release that repeats exactly what Justices Stevens, Ginsburg, etc. said. I would suspect, though I have no information on this, that he handwrote a lovely condolence note to the Chief's immediate family.

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