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September 30, 2005



Groupie, did you start the farm team meme? Anyhow, Richard Garnett is playing it:

"I yield to no one in my respect for the "farm team" — McConnell, Alito, Luttig, etc. — but I am also surprised that some are so quick to assume that this President, who fought hard to get home-run judges Pryor, Owen, Colloton, Brown, McConnell, Sutton, Roberts, etc., confirmed to the courts, would suddenly drop the constitutionalism-ball just to be nice to an old friend or to satisfy those demanding another female justice."


Most Senate Democrats, especially presidential hopefuls, hide from their liberalism. They want to be seen as centrists. The best way to expose them, and to open them up to attack in 2008 would be to nominate a likeable, articulate, hard core conservative. Starr, because of Whitewater, would bring too much baggage. (Though it's worth noting that almost everyone inclined to hate Starr, after meeting him, says: "I want to hate him, but after meeting him, I can't bring myself to it." He (or someone like him, since he might bring some personal baggage) would be attacked for being too conservative. Seriously. I say conservatives should nominate a super nice guy with strong conservative values. Someone like Bork without the devil beard and holier-than-thou attitude. It would force Democrats to attack the nominee for his conservatism qua conservatism. No more hiding behing the "centrism" or "mainstream" labels.

Of course, I'm sure people who matter (PWM) have already considered this. I wonder what the PWM's reason for rejecting such a fight is?


A more detailed synopsis of Starr's accomplishments appears here:


Also, at p. 64 of the oral argument transcript here,


Ted Olson accidentally referred to Ken Starr as "Justice Starr" during oral argument in McConnell v. FEC.

I suppose the biggest question is how Hillary would vote.

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