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September 23, 2005


Article III Groupie

Some comments on the comments:

1. Thanks for the correction; I've fixed it.

2. I actually don't have any more info about OT 2006 hiring other than what I've previously published concerning the hires of Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, and Thomas (John Adams, and the other Sentelle-tubby mentioned in the reader comments). I'll pass along such info as I get it.

3. Point well-taken re: Justice Ginsburg; several readers also made the same point to me in emails. After all, she did graduate at the top of her class at Columbia Law School, with a record-setting GPA.

4. I hadn't thought about how the Justices working out of trailers would make them more like Hollywood deities -- quite an interesting angle!


The thought of the Justices working out of trailers shouldn't be unspeakable. It would make them much like many of the Hollywood movie stars who must constantly work out of trailers. Perhaps riding circuit is more like shooting a movie "on-location" that it seems.


re: RBG and clerking. How many female clerks had been inducted into The Elect by the time RBG graduated from school? Having graduated at the tippity top of her Columbia Law School class, methinks she would have been a no-brainer choice had she been endowed with an, er, Y chromosome.

Appropos of nothing: how about issuing a discovery request on the status of Supreme Court clerk hiring? Or, if you already have new information, how about posting it piecemeal (as you did w/the John Adams hire), instead of waiting until a justice has hired all of his/her clerks? Inquiring minds want to know who has been hired--and just as important--how many spots are left!

Correction: the vote was 13-5, not 15-3.

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