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September 23, 2005


Eh Nonymous

Wow, the A3G really is a cheerleader for conservatives! How sweet!

But we knew that already.

I like Thomas myself, but in the abstract; I like the idea that someone could suggest overturning cases that are more than 205 years old, because stare decisis should be disregarded when the conclusion is wrong. It's bracing. Not advisable, in the sense that overturning entrenched precedent older than the 14th Amendment would be like, well, overturning the 14th Amendment, but bracing.

In hard cold reality, I'm less a fan of Thomas. I like his dissent in Kelo; I like his dissent in Raich. Hey, nobody can be all wrong all the time.

While I am not surprised to hear that the Youngest Associate Justice has a book deal, I note that the "historical footnote," Anita Hill, who was the first black woman to be "lynched" by a committee of sneering arrogant white male Senators - and possibly the last, since most such key committees now have a token white female as well - already has a book out. I'm reading it now. Not bad at all. "Speaking Truth to Power." Not a good title if the target audience is conservatives like you. But still an interesting read, so far. Lots of background on her upbringing in the early chapters- unsurprising. She's not glamorous to interest you, I don't think, although the cover photo is quite becoming. Also, she was never an article 3 judge - quite beyond the scope of this blawg.

Nevertheless, she may in fact be a historical footnote - like Monica, for something she chose to do. Unlike Monica, not because of her sexual choices; rather, because someone (allegedly) said something disgusting and insulting to her, and she had the balls to repeat it. I don't know about you, but I respect that.

For further resources see, e.g., CNN 2005 article "Then and Now", linked from Wikipedia entry on Anita Hill.


On another note, you are and will probably remain one of my most favorite, if not the favorite, conservative pseudonymous blawger, as noted in my post Carnival of the Anonymous.


Oooh, A3G, bold of you to equate Anita Hill with Monica Lewinsky. One might note that one is a law professor who was sexually harassed by her boss and was slandered in the national press for talking about it (including by some journalists who later openly admitted they were wrong), while the other is a handbag designer who once gave the President a blow job. Just sayin'.

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