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August 04, 2005


Roger Plevak

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Mrs. Roberts has a medical issue which is her business which prevented her from having kids even if she was 42 when she got married? Leave them alone!!! It is beautiful that they adopted kids who were not wanted by the bio parents. At least they are not typical Catholic parents who have 10 or 15 kids and contribute to the population explosion as the Pope and Bishops want -- which is easy for them to say since they are celibate and don't have to pay to raise kids!!!


Does Ireland place children for adoption internationally? If not, then he probably did some finagling to have the children sent to Bolivia so they could adopt them in that country. But that doesn't really make any sense, as he and his wife are not citizens of Bolivia.

A possible scenario: The Roberts wanted to adopt, put out some feelers, found two pregnant women around the same time in Ireland, and it was all arranged privately. I don't think it's common practice to set out to adopt one child and then suddenly have an opportunity to adopt a second almost immediately after. Usually, for the common folk, you have to wait and then go through the process again for the 2nd child.

But the scenario above would enable them to skirt US (?) and Irish law, perhaps.

The fishy thing is who was responsible for the children after they left Ireland and arrived Bolivia? I don't think an adoption agency would be party to whatever occurred here.

Ron Brynaert

one helluva post...you have incredible research skills (which the mainstream media - for all their money - have nothing on the bloggers who dig like you) and you're hysterical. I'll definitely be back for more.


One point--while I understand what you meant to say, the Roberts kids are siblings, and they are related. By adoption. That's the whole *point* of adoption--adopted children join the family of the parents and become their children, and the siblings of the parents' other kids.

Horatii's Sister

Hurting on Judge Posner's article:


Katherine Harris is joke.

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