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August 30, 2005



not only is Mirah a fabulous dresser and a total hottie, she is a bright and gifted writer.

Another former 2d Cir. Clerk

Joe Palmore also clerked for Dennis Jacobs - why all the no love for Judge Jacobs in his clerks' bios?


I had Gregg Costa for a Federal Courts class when I visited at UH in the spring of 2004. He was one of my favorite professors in all of law school - very bright and very nice and an excellent teacher. And he shared some good stories about working for the court, too. I had a professor my first year of law school at UT who had clerked for Thurgood Marshall - he was obviously very smart, but not very good at teaching. (And he only told us one TM story - I felt robbed.)
I believe that Costa has left Weil and is now an AUSA here in Houston.


Mirah Horowitz has a fantastic sense of style. It's not surprising-rumor has it that she used to go shopping with her former boss, judicial hottie Kim Wardlaw!


Gregg Costa was among the most pleasant interviewers I encountered during OCI in Fall 2003, although his stories of working Sundays at home with a laptop on one knee and his newborn baby on the other as an example of how he balanced work (Weil, Gotshal & Manges in Houston) and life may not have made the impression he hoped for. I also understand he taught a night class as an adjunct at the University of Houston Law Center last spring. One early report had him seeming somewhat nervous and unsure of himself, but I have no doubt he settled down after the first couple of weeks.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Ann O'Connell is another blonde WHR clerk.

Clerkship Envy

Risa Goluboff and Ann Lipton are two of the many former Supreme Court clerks blogging over at Think Progress: Supreme Court Extra. Check out the star-studded line-up of liberal Elect:



The New York Times recently reported: "Senator John Cornyn, a Republican on the Judiciary Committee who will review any nominee,... just hired Brian T. Fitzpatrick, a former clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia, to advise him on the confirmation process."


Has anyone noticed Rehnquist's proclivity for blond female law clerks? Heidi Doerhoff is but one of this long line.

Former 2d Cir. Clerk

Brett McGurk also clerked for Dennis Jacobs on the Second Circuit, before he went to Gerry Lynch.

Wannabe Law Professor

The term is overrused, but Nick Rosenkranz truly is a "genius." He has gotten two pieces into the Harvard Law Review.

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