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August 15, 2005



Premature matriculation: No, it doesn't happen to everyone, and yes, it is a big deal.

Hold Your Horsies

Am I to believe that Aaron is still an undergraduate but is already earmarking a position on the Elect for judicial year .... 2010-11? Instead of following potential members of the Elect, which would be as exciting as reviewing the transcripts of state trial courts, how about we focus on creating a term for such precocious lawyer-wannabes?

Some personal run-ins with such wannabes. . . A girl taking a summer fluff Spanish course in Argentina stated that she went to law school, like me. When asked which law school, she responded "NYU and Columbia." Obviously perplexed, I asked her to clarify and she told me that she still had to finish undergrad, hadn't taken the LSAT yet, but was sure she would get into both NYU and Columbia because of all the Spanish she was learning in South America.

A friend lives in another foreign country for the time being. She also has a year left of undergrad when she returns to the States. Nevertheless, she would always refer to us collectively as "lawyers" since she is a legal studies undergraduate major.

I am sure the readers of this blog have had many similar run-ins with those who are already counting their clerkship bonuses from Cravath before they even know what a tort is.

Something like "chicken-hatchers," but more jurisprudential, would be appropriate perhaps?


Parody is dead.

Aaron Chandler

I'm going to be a senior at the UW-Seattle this year, and after that, I'm probably going to get a dual MPA/JD degree. I really, really want to do a clerkship - for Berzon, Reinhardt, Diane Wood, Ginsburg, Souter, Stevens (if he's still on the Court in his 90s!), Kennedy or Breyer - just so I can receive the same glamorous treatment by you! Eventually, though, I hope to be just like Marsha Berzon - and thus receive the same Darth Vader treatment from A3G. Really, though - she's a judicial hero of mine, and I love her bench-slapping and her opinions. ;)

I'd also add diversity to your mix: I'd be the only black (well, 1/4, but it counts), Jewish AND gay - not to mention, hot - member of the Elect; in fact, I may be the only gay member of the Elect ever mentioned by A3G. :)

Also, just a suggestion for inclusiveness: perhaps, you can begin keeping a file on possible future members of the Elect, including current law students, as well as undergrads; this would also mean including them in judicial-hottie-like contests. Just a suggestion.

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