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August 31, 2005


Longtime Reader

I have also heard that there is some water in the courthouse at Mobile, with some judges at least temporarily displaced from there. The Pensacola and Miami courthouses were closed for a time, but I think they're running now, albeit with some band-aid fixes for phone lines, I think. One virtue of having circuit judges so spread out is that they can carry on when one site goes down.

If the NO courthouse is out of commission for a long time, the Fifth Circuit could always merge back up with the Eleventh! They could go back to Unit A and Unit B like they did in 1980.


Here in Lafayette, LA (about 120 miles west of New Orleans) we were on the far western edge of Katrina, and as a result, we received some wind and rain but little damage. However, the Fifth Circuit's web, email, and dns servers are in the facility in New Orleans and are likely underwater. We were without any internet yesterday, although that got fixed this morning. A makeshift email server was set up this afternoon, so my email address now works, but I don't have access to any of my old email stored on the server (or what's left of it). The Fifth Circuit's website is currently redirecting to the Southern District of Texas.

The judges from New Orleans will be taking up temporary(?) residence in Houston, Lafayette, and Jackson, at least for now. Plans for the docket at this point are unclear. Not only were three judge's chambers in New Orleans, but the clerk's office was, as well. Receipt of filings and issuance of opinions remains in limbo for the time being. Emergency motions (e.g., death penalty or immigration cases with looming execution or deportation dates), can be filed with Chief Judge King's chambers via fax, mail, or hand delivery.

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