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July 19, 2005


Don Singleton

John G Roberts is the USSC Nominee. I had a lot of stuff for Edith Brown "Joy" Clement and a fair amount on J. Michael Luttig, but I got surprised by the nomination of John Roberts

http://donsingleton.blogspot.com/2005/07/john-g-roberts.html is my blog entry


The idea that the replacement for Justice O'Connor needs to be a woman is extraordinarily sexist. I'm sorry to see so many qualified judges left out of the selection process because they are male.
I think it is sad that the common opinion from NPR to the First Lady is that there is something about a 'woman qua woman' that should be taken into consideration when choosing a Justice to sit on the Supreme Court. One might have hoped that seeing two women sit on the bench who are as different as O'Connor and Ginsberg would have helped dispel some of this sexism.
That said, for reasons related to her intellectual and judicial positions, and not b/c of her gender, or race, I would love to see judicial diva, and long shot, Janice Rogers Brown promoted to the Court.
Thanks for all the work on this fabulous blog, keep the gossip coming!

Bill Cash

A3G, this is my first comment on your blog and I have to say I'm eagerly awaiting all updates! There has to be some fresh dish. I couldn't agree with you more, the SCOTUS needs a judicial diva!!!

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