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July 22, 2005



Ruth McGregor (current Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court) once clerked for Justice O'Connor on her first term. O'Connor wanted to hire someone she knew and trusted, so McGregor took the job, even though she was a senior associate (or maybe a partner? I forget) at the time.

I know someone on the wrong end of the promotion game. A certain magistrate judge at the District of Arizona hired his clerks. Then he was unexpectedly nominated (and confirmed) to the 9th Circuit. Thing is, 9th Ciruit is much more prestigious than magistrate judge. So the poor clerks in D. Ariz. were stuck while the judge hired people with better credentials for the 9th Circuit position.

Terry Jones

Woohoo! I'd vote for you, if I had a right to an opinion. I *so* wish we had SCOTUS judges with a vague clue about technical issues. There's a big difference between churning butter and RSS. Duh.


Typo near the beginning... Stephen Breyer's first term on the SupCt was not 2004.

Eh Nonymous

"best... bleg... ever!"

also, good luck, I hope that if he's confirmed he at least gives you an interview. :)

Eh N.


If you need a letter of recommendation from the blogging community, just let me know. You've got my endorsement.

(Thanks for the mention.)

Amy Allen

It would be Justice-to-be Roberts's honor to have you as a clerk, Ms. UTR.

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