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July 20, 2005



Are you leftists (I am an "old-fasion liberal") completly emotionally based? You sound a little over-the-top.


OK, so they married late and either found out they or one of them was infertile or decided not to chance going through amnio, finding they had a Downs Syndrome child or some such, and decided to find cute little blonde kids (definitely not from China!) to make a family. Who knows, they could be biological children of some poor white Southern teenager, of the class that put Bush back in the White House even as Return of the "King"played against their own self interest. And no doubt the anti-choicers say bless them for not having an abortion. Or maybe she was rendered infertile by an abortion years ago. ???


Frankly, I feel a bit superficial wondering why he didn't marry someone hotter. I worked at H & H for a summer--many of the older attys are married to good looking 20-somethings after having dumped their first wives. Wait a mintue, maybe that makes him a decent guy? I shudder to think.


They married at 41. Catholics, they would not want to risk a child with a birth defect (won't abort!!) so they ADOPT - a perfect alternative. Save two "fetus" from being aborted. Marrying at 41 does not mean you are gay...maybe that you were both dedicated to your CAREERS...people without careers or educations that take until you are 24-27 to complete don't understand the concept that you didn't exactly have time for dating when you were younger. People stop looking for a story where there is none!

Beth Donovan

You folks are a little nutty. And a lot bigoted.
Are there any faiths you approve of?


Well, Beth pretty much sums up why I won't be outing the gay clerk. Despite the fact that Roberts could be gay-friendly would help his nomination amongst liberals, the fact that the gay clerk would be barred from future SCOTUS clerk employment and held in suspicion and contempt with the Right is enough to end this conversation.

Beth Donovan

What is wrong with you folks? It makes perfect sense for Roman Catholics (who are against abortion) to adopt childrent - the Roberts' are probably unable to conceive.
You sound like your are somewhat bigotted against adopted children and Catholics.


Can you name names of the flamer law clerks who served "under" Roberts? Why is this so hush hush. This could be the reason his wife never smiles and why they, Roman Catholics, adopted children.

It took a long time for the lavender boy Chief of Staff ( Pete Williams ) for Cheney to surface in an outed Annapolis grads' book.

We really must check everything out. Why does he vacation in Ireland rather than the U.S.? Does he have dual citizenship in Ireland? Is anyone in his family a member of Opus Dei, the Marians, the IRA sympathizers inside the U.S.?


Curious too.


And why are both his children adopted?

Just a question: why did Judge Roberts mary so late?


For what it's worth, Roberts has had at least one gay (male) clerk while sitting on the D.C. Cir. I suspect at least one other clerk as well.

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