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July 27, 2005


Jackie Rawlings

In the end the truth always comes out no matter how hard we try to keep a secret. Justice Roberts like many before and after him has an arraigned marriage. Many who look to reach a high public level must show their a normal American people. Few if any men get appointed that are single. Some people use the old money marries money and some use the picture perfect family as the poster. What was interesting is when Justice Roberts vacationing in Maine had his medical emergency and no wife or kids there but a very pretty young woman of color. The press was asked to stay away but one photo of the pretty woman was seen. Roberts insisted on returning to his vacation and was seen with the pretty woman of color on his boat. All along with the scary heart problem and even after no one saw or heard from Mrs. Roberts, as if nothing happen. One would love to think he didn't want to upset his wife and kids but it seems the lady friend was all he could think about. Mrs. Roberts is a busy woman and little to nothing is seen of their children. But like the Bush twins we learn what really happen with the Wealthy families children as they show off for the press.

help me

i was looking through some old boxs snd found pictures of jane sullivan roberts and my nannys when they where younger i asked my nanny why she had them and she told me that jane was my nannys first cousin i dont want to give out my nannys name but if any one has any kind of information yhet you think might help me i would really be greatfull i want to find out more about my family please help me

help me

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