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July 19, 2005



The Amerrickan Idols

combining the last 2 posts: merrick's munchkins


Judge Garland --> Judy Garland

Hence the clerks are Munchkins.

Hence "Garland's Guild:"

We represent Judge Garland's Guild,
Judge Garland's Guild,
Judge Garland's Guild.
We represent Judge Garland's Guiiiiild,
And we'd like to welcome you
To Garland Land.

Gardlanders also sounds like gardeners.


... or just Garlandstas

also anon

Or, for that matter, the Garlanded Elite.


How about the Garlanded Gentry.

Gardlanders -- sounds like Zoolander.

Chad will be clerking for Stevens (or at least for SCOTUS, I didn't confirm that part)--spoke to him myself


Following O.G. naming conventions, his protege's would be baby garlandstas ... or B.G.s you get a nice shorthand out of it and stayin'a live jokes can flow like the honeyed words of a written opinion.

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