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July 01, 2005



It's all in the timing! I can only speculate, but if not leaving after placing a republican in office can be used to justify her unexpected departure today then let's look at something a little more timely. Yesterday's "hot topic" was the Supreme Court's recent decision that business and government can coordinate to remove families from their properties to increase profits for corporations. O'connor dissented what is probably the most "corrupt" decisions in American judicial history and quit today. In the big picture I think this may have more relevance than it was a strategic move to appear politically impartial some 1600 plus days after a controversial election.

Article III Junkie

While I'm not sure why the Chief Justice only hires 3 clerks, I can speculate that the nature of a doubles tennis match might be lurking in the background--you'll always have an odd man out with 5 people (the CJ and 4 clerks). Given that the CJ most likely is not playing tennis these days, it might be that much more profitable for SOC's clerks to be begging the CJ to hire at least one of them.

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