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June 17, 2005



i beleive christina aguilera is a total GODESS! how dare u insult her & treat her unequal 2 every1 else inda music world! SHE WAS PUT ON DIS EARTH 2 SING! her album (stripped) has a song on it called "I'm Okay" & that song doesn't just relate to her life, it relates to mine. my father used to badly abuse my mother & he even hit me. we went to fled our home town but he found us. he promised my mum things would get better..... but it got WORSE! hey gurl, if ya reading dis my names madee n i feel ya! ur totally hott stuff n such an accomplisher! but ur mainly a fantastic inpsiration!
Love Madee, NSW, Australia.


christina agilera


I've been against the methods used at Guantanimo since shortly after 9/11, but I have to say I'd be okay with these torture methods. Not only would they be effective -- I know I'd crack after a minute -- but if we can only find a more amusing way to torture people, I feel public sentiment would change. We could even televise it and make it into a new reality TV show: "Live from Guantinamo Bay!" It'd be better than the Surreal Life, I'm sure.

Mary Katherine Day-Petrano

I don't know about music, but I wonder if subjecting an autistic to garlic, pickles, hot peppers, tobasco, and basil would count.

Ted Frank

I knew this was a joke because I've worked with Steve Bradbury, and he would surely quote relevant precedent. "Many things—beating with a rubber truncheon, water torture, electric shock, incessant noise, reruns of 'Space: 1999'—may cause agony as they occur yet leave no enduring injury." Williams v. Boles, 841 F.2d 181 (7th Cir. 1988) (Easterbrook, J.).


Jessica Simpson? Oh, A3G, what might have been.

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