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May 17, 2005


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You happened to mention Judge Judy here – she of the television show – but you only do it in passing in order to clear up any confusion with your Judge Judy. It strikes me, though, that you should probably take a closer look at these, shall I say popular if less prestigious, judges? In our post modern world, where there is no essential difference between popular and high-brow cultures, it would only seem to make sense. After all, it looks as though your site actually relies on that very principle, so why not push it as far as it will go? You’ve reduced the elite of the justice system to popular culture – now elevate the popular to high brow.

Digital Camera

Shouldn’t you have that infamous picture from Jon Stewart’s book on America at the top of your page? I’ve got to say, this is an excellent commentary on an awful lot of issues, leaving aside the very real informational function it seems to serve. I half expected to read that Justice Ginsburg and her Chihuahua were heading South to film this season’s Simple Life. On the other hand, I am gratified to know that, underneath their robes, these many paragons of the legal profession still essentially put their pants on one leg at a time, even if those pants are custom made Armani. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, though. In our media-crazed world, even the rather moldy world of the law was bound to wind up as tabloid fodder. Perhaps the real question should be what Blind Justice wears beneath her robes.

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