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April 28, 2005


Another Anon

Judge Henry J. Friendly earned the highest grades in the history of Harvard Law School. He also graduated summa obviously, but is missing off your list.


Great pic of John Demers. He seems like the best looking one.

Scott Martin does sort of look like a young version of Paul Clement, at least based on this picture of the Solicitor General (compare their hairlines).

Dan Markel

I'm not sure if the previous comment was directed at me, but my point about the liberal clerk in AS' chambers (ie., that there often aren't any such clerks, notwithstanding the reputation he has of having one every year) was not a critique, just a description of what typically occurs in his chambers. I think A3G was similarly making a descriptive point, not a normative one.


I served with Paul Clement at Kirkland & Ellis. I know Paul Clement personally. And Scott P. Martin looks nothing like Paul Clement.


Now Dan, A3G didn't score with the Supremes either but she's not taking it out on them personally. And as a conservative Catholic(?) she's alot more in AS's demographic.

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