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April 22, 2005



many people lost their lifes savings with world-com.i worked most of my life,and lost everything because of mr.bernard ebbers.judge barbara jones i hope is aware how many people were hurt from the actions of mr.ebbers.he knew what he was doing he is a greedy individual,with no remorse.judge barbara jones should give bernard ebbers the maximum sentence of life in prison


In October, attended the wedding of two law school classmate, one of whom (the bride) clerked for Judge Sotomayor. Judge Sotomayor was delightful and gracious-- she took the time to introduce herself to the bride's mother (and invited her to lunch when she was next in NYC to see her daughter). But the best was yet to come. The Judge is a dancing machine. She danced it up with the groom, the bride, and the bride's district court judge (Judge Underhill of Connecticut, who is no slouch on the dance floor either). She has mad rhythm. Don't be fooled by the robes that she's got!

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