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March 08, 2005


No 1965 Chain Immigrants

Pinchy Sulzberger's "New York Times" has spoken. Let's get it on down the wires down to every corn county rag & TV station in the nation, as the NYT does every other story: Writer Jodi Wilgoron (her photo is at link) says Michael Lefkowitz' grandfather was Jewish. The name is "son of Lev". Now that we have cultural closure on that issue, can we please move on to killer Bart Ross?


I think is something to think about,when a man in dire straights looking for some help from the Judicial system cannot find it. Despite pain and physical deformities he is looked upon as "pathetic". I personally consider people without compassion as "pathetic". We must find out why people are pushed to such extreme limits and what happened to them to get to that point. I am deeply sorry for the loss of Judge Lefkow's husband and mother. But what loss was put upon Mr. Ross to make him do this? In most cases, the most tragic and hurtful crimes are because of retaliation from another crime unprosecuted. Am I Wrong?

No 1965 Chain Immigrants

Yea, not only was he not a White Supremacist, HE WAS A JEW! Behold, fake White man named "Bart Ross" (real Jew name Bartilomiej Ciszewski from Europe's traditional Jew dumping ground, Poland).


Reference: The Lefkows -- Death Story of White Race-Failures or "Boom! Boom! Out Go Da' Lights," John Lee Hooker.

Try reading "Culture of Critique" by Professor Kevin McDonald.
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According to The Chicago Tribune, the guy who may be responsible for the murders of Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother has nothing to do with white supremacist groups:


Did we all jump to conclusions?


The New York Times just did a very interesting profile of Judge Joan Lefkow. It has a lot of good info about this impressive jurist.

Also, it now appears that the man responsible for the murders of Joan Lefkow's husband and mother was not a white supremacist. It's looking like the guy was someone that Judge Lefkow ruled against in a civil case. After he was stopped by the police in a traffic stop, he committed suicide. But he left a note taking responsibility for the killings of Joan Lefkow's family.

Random question: A3G, why did you name your blog Underneath Their Robes? Why not Under Their Robes, or Beneath Their Robes?

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