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January 18, 2005



YOu crack me up!!! I HAD to link this to my blog ; )


"[eating Krispy Kreme Donuts] might be true of Judge Reinhardt"

Does it never get old?

Maybe not to an overweight, poorly-bone-structured 20-something with a chip on her shoulder and a penchant for whiny, self-pitying internet commentary focused on her own (not entirely unjust) shortcomings. But that's not our A3G, right?

too much time on your hands?

get a life!

The Ricker

The guy in the Crazy Eddie commercials was not Eddie Antar--it was an actor.


this was quite a post. I enjoyed the quiz very much...


Wow! I enjoyed the huge quiz show!! I worried a bit about your "blogger burnout", but today's post tells you are still so energetic in UTR blog. I am happy to know it...Thank you for interesting articles always!

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