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January 10, 2005



Better to keep posting on a reduced basis than to give up the blog entirely. Believe me, you would be missed!


I think that the most serious challenge of being a less-than-fully-experienced lawyer is the challenge of finding time for law and for life.

I think it's a healthy thing to start a weblog like this as a way of finding that rumoured "life other than lawyering" and it's an even more healthy thing to then run this weblog so that the life so "discovered" extends beyond the cyberverse and the law firm. In an earlier age, you could just write poetry in slim volumes, but I suppose everyone is just too plugged in these days.

It's been fun to read your weblog over the past couple of months, watching you continue to develop this A3G persona and continuing to find your "voice" (albeit a comedic voice based on this curious platform) as you write.

I always think of those fevered souls in law school, who got to law school with 4.0s from cool little liberal arts schools and imagined that if they just worked enough hours at studying, then somehow top ranking was a certainty. For those folks, law school was the death of "work hard" and the birth of "work hard but smart". For others, the entry level associate year was that death--we all know a few (usually former) associates still smouldering from that form of self-assisted burnout.

Your decision to prioritize and reduce your weblog maintenance/posting time seems to me to be a similar decision. All around you in any given law firm are people who will tell you to work harder. No doubt some folks can see with a bit of vision that you've managed to parlay yourself some minor celebrity here. With hard work, who knows? Maybe you'll be invited to play Texas Hold 'Em on cable or fill a square in a game show. All that, if you work hard. But sometimes, it's good to work smarter. I think your decision to prioritize and manage your time is wise.

Good fortune in 2005 with priorities and finding your way to have your cake, eat it, too, and even to document it in a really cool exhibition.

Loyal Cinci Correspondent

Well this and the news that Michael Chertoff is leaving the federal bench for a temp job has left me utterly disconsolate. As the Psalmist himself cried,
"Oh Lord, wherefore art thou absent from us so long? Why is thy wrath so hot against the sheep of thy pasture?"


I'll bet if I'd said "end" rather than "stop" that might have worked. Alas, undone by poor word choice yet again. At least this time I won't be slapped for it.


Blogging and finding a hunky boyfriend need not be mutually exclusive activities.


One of the Elect

I think you are just ashamed that you called SOC "SDO."

And quiet is the new loud.


Good for you! I think less is the new more.

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